Farid Abdulbaki
Artist, sculptor, ceramics, micro mosaics

Biography:  Farid Abdulbaki  


Farid is a classical and contemporary sculptor, painter and ceramicist with over 28years of experience working in fine art.He was born in 1977 in Homs, Syria, the son of a sculptor, and he graduated from Damascus College of Fine Art in 2000.  Upon graduation, as a sculptor and ceramicist, Farid was commissioned by several museums and commercial galleries in Syria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to create works in bronze and clay and he also painted in oils.  Farid left Syria in 2012 to escape the war.   

He has held numerous teaching positions and most recently taught ceramics and micro-mosaic at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin).  Throughout his life Farid has been influenced by the writings of Rumi, a Persian poet and Sufi master, Michel Foucault, Claude Levi -Strauss, Jacques Derrida and feminist theory.   His artistic influences are derived from the classical, romantic works of Caravaggio and the surrealism of Salvador Dali.  

Whilst In Berlin, Farid met Ira Hoffecker, a Victoria-based artist, in 2016 and was inspired by her colour palate and knowledge of art.  He credits Ira with awakening a sense of colour into his life and encouraging him to paint again.  Since it was impossible to sculpt or work in clay, Farid walked daily throughout Berlin, sketching images and painting in watercolour.   He moved to Victoria, British Columbia in March, 2019 to be reunited with his family after a separation of just over 3 years.


Exhibitions: Farid Abdulbaki


2000  Prince Salman Social Center, Saudi Arabia

2000  Al Kharid Gallery, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

2001  Alwalan Gallery, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2002  Alwalan Gallery, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2014  CKM Caddebostan, Kültür Merkezi, Istanbul, Turkey 

2014  Green Park Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey 

2017  Kirchengalerie, Hornstrasse 7, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany 

2018  Bler Kroutz Benig Galerie,  Berlin, Germany 

2018  Give Me Five Ksalon Galerie, Bergmannstrase, Berlin, Germany 

2018  The Belly of a Whale,Tapir Galerie,  Berlin, Germany

2018  Kirchengalerie, Hornstrasse 7, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany 

2018  Mehrgenerationen Haus, Berlin, Germany

2018  Galerie Schöneberg  with Christina Gahani, Berlin, Germany 

2019 between tow worlds the journey of a Syrian artist errant art space Victoria B.C Canada

2019  Victoria creative communities bridging the gap  group exhibition  Victoria B.C Canada

2020 Context held at errant space group exhibition  Victoria BC Canada

2022 Homeland exhibition withe poet Ghfran Alakash and farid abdulbaki errant space gallery Victoria B.C Canada